International exhibition-competition of photography "RUSSIAN PHOTO WEEK"

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There are two forms of participation: ONLINE and OFFLINE.

Exhibition dates: September 15-21, 2023
Registration deadline: until September 10, 2023
Venue: Art Exhibition Center and Gallery "Art Commune" (Kievskaya str., 2, TGC "Kievsky", 4th floor)

In 2021, Russian Photo Week will host a competition for three professional categories of photographers - professionals, amateurs and students. Russian Week of Photography is a kind of competition, which presents photographs in all major areas of photography - from wildlife, humans and social life to objects illustrating science and technology.

Forms of participation:
There are two forms of participation: PERSONAL and CORRECT.
1) Full-time participation: the original works are exhibited at the exhibition (works prepared by the author for display). The personal presence of the author at the exhibition is not required. It is possible to send the works by mail, in this case the organizing committee will place the work at the exhibition, and after the exhibition is over, the work will be sent back by the same postal service.
2) Absentee participation (exhibiting in the form of photocopies):
The organizing committee will print the submitted files in A3 size and place them in the general exposition. At the request and request of the author, it is possible to create a full-size photocopy of the work (with additional payment).
Full-time and part-time work have equal rights. Full-time and part-time works are considered by the jury members equally.

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Competitive works will be evaluated by the Expert Council (jury) from Russia and a number of foreign countries of the world - professional photographers, photojournalists, photo artists, editors of the media illustrating the art of photography. The final score sheet will become an important tool for the professional development of the competitor.

Participants of the Russian Photo Week are published in the catalog "New Faces in Photography".

Professional categories of participants:
These categories participate in the competition program and are evaluated by the jury members separately.
a) Category "Professional": authors professionally working in the field of photography and / or members of public associations and unions.
c) Category "Student": pupils and students of specialized art educational institutions, as well as graduates who have completed their studies no later than 2 years;
d) Category "Amateur": authors who do not have a special artistic education, who create photographs as a hobby, for personal self-realization.

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