International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Photographic Art "RUSSIAN PHOTO WEEK"
Exhibition dates: September 15-21, 2023
Registration deadline: until September 10, 2023
Venue: Art Exhibition Center and Gallery "Art Commune" (Kievskaya str., 2, TGC "Kievsky", 4th floor)
In 2023, Russian Photo Week will host a competition for three professional categories of photographers - professionals, amateurs and students. Russian Week of Photography is a kind of competition, which presents photographs in all the main areas of photography - from wildlife, humans and social life to objects illustrating science and technology.
Forms of participation:
There are two forms of participation: OFFLINE and ONLINE.
The organizing committee prints out the competition works of the online participants and places them in the general exposition. Offline and Online works are evaluated by the jury members equally.
International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Photographic Art "Russian Photo Week" includes the following nominations:
1. Portrait and emotion: the transfer of the uniqueness of features, facial expressions and emotional mood. Portraits with male and female models. Models are over 16 years old.
2. Children's photography: children's emotions, and the world of children's dreams. the surrounding world through the prism of his child and adolescent perception. Models are under 16 years old.
3. Advertising photography: photography is based on the idea of ​​increasing the motivation to own the advertised item from the buyer, increasing the attractiveness and value of the advertised object.
4. Staged photography: photography based on an artistic idea. Objects or people in staged scenes "play certain roles", becoming tools in the implementation of a creative idea.
5. Body Beauty, Nude 18+: A photograph that reveals the beauty of the naked body.
6. Architecture and urban landscape: a special look at the ratio of forms, volumes and location, emphasizing the peculiarity of the city or industrial facility.
7. Water and underwater world: photographs that reveal the world of water and its inhabitants
8. Nature and landscapes: photographs that reveal the beauty of nature, using natural light as the basis of photography. Landscapes can be daytime, evening, or morning and night.
9. Travel / Tourism: man and his relationship with nature. the world around us through the eyes of a traveler.
10. Animal Kingdom: Animals, birds, fish and other living things in their natural habitat.
11. Conflict: A documentary, reportage or staged photography that reveals a person's identity or tells about relationships between people. 12. Overcoming: A special direction of photography is the image of the process or the moment of overcoming difficulties, external and internal, in sports, work, travel and life in general.
13. Movement: Photography shows the development of events or the movement of objects in time and space, conveying dynamic effects and a sense of movement.
14. Reporting: conveying the atmosphere of any event, captured in faces, emotions and poses.
15. Fashion, glamor, style: a single image of the model and the advertised object - clothing, car, interior, things, brands, etc.
16. Science, macro and micro photography: shooting objects of scientific research, as well as the surrounding world using macro and micro photography;
17. Concept: photography is based on an illustration of an idea. The photograph should convey a "message" to the viewer, become an appeal that encourages mental or physical movement.
18. Still life: a group of inanimate objects, organized into a pictorial group and with a certain semantic order.
19. Black and white world: a special world represented by monochrome or black and white photography, as well as intermediate shades of gray.
20. Mobile photography: a prerequisite - the photo must be taken with a mobile phone. The genre of the image does not matter.
Competitive works will be evaluated by the Expert Council (jury) from Russia and a number of foreign countries of the world - professional photographers, photojournalists, photo artists, editors of the media illustrating the art of photography. The final grade sheet will be an important tool for the professional development of the competitor.


Participants of the Russian Photo Week will be published in the catalog "New Faces in Photography".
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